Best Smart Home Devices

The future is here. It took years for it to come but it is here. The smart home is finally here and you can make it part of your life by just buying some gadgets that will make your life easier. With some simple devices you will make your home an intelligence center in which you won’t have to do anything. Your house will do everything for you. Turning the lights as you come into a room? check. Closing the doors for you when you want some privacy? Check. Playing music with a voice command? Check. Whatever you desire, your house will do it for you. But, Best Smart Home Devices? Let’s see.  

Setting up a smart home can be very simple. You can just put a speaker in your room or, you can connect devices and make a much more complex system. It really depends on the comfort level you are looking for. However, it may be a bit hard to choose between all of the devices present in the market today. Here are eight recommended devices to start building the house of your dreams: 

  • Amazon Echo speaker
  • Wink Hub 2 (Smart Home Hub)
  • Phillips Hue Light Bulb
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Net Gear Security Camera 

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